Which Plus+Portfolio is Right for me?

Selecting the best Plus+Portfolio to fit your needs is a two-step process. After in-depth conversations about your financial life and investment needs, our team at Guardian Plus will make several recommendations based on our fiduciary standing, as to which strategy would best fit your appetite for risk. And because Guardian Plus employs an active, strategic and dynamic management style, your Plus+Portfolio strategy can be updated at any time.  We know that life’s transitions can be negative or positive, unexpected or planned, and we want your investment strategy to reflect any and all considerations you have in your life.

Take time to review the points below, as they will help us determine which Plus+Portfolio will best fit your needs.

+ Calculate your Assets: Take time to review your current assets, this may include your savings, personal retirement accounts, employer held retirement accounts, and/or other sources of income.

+ Calculate your Spending: Take time to review where your money goes, into which accounts, or toward which endeavors.  Also, estimate if there are any endeavors in the future that you foresee might change your spending habits, i.e. paying for college, buying home, or retiring.

+ Think about Timing: Think through and assess where you are and where you want to be.  For this we encourage you to think about many factors; your age, employment situation, your current assets and your current spending habits, etc. Then, pick out some bench-marks for the future, for example; how soon do you need access to your investment accounts, what are your financial goals, and how long until you retire?

+ Think about your Legacy: Take time to think through what preparations you would like to make for the future or what you want to leave for the next generation. Legacy planning for your assets always seems so far away, but starting something now can payoff in the future. For example, are you planning to have a children, are you saving for college or to buy a house, what plans are in place for when you are gone and/or if there are any charitable organizations to which you would like to make donations from your estate.

Guardian Plus has a “fee only” policy  including our Certified Financial Planning service which is available to help you answer these questions, and assist you with an assessment of your assets and your spending. We aim to provide comprehensive financial services, please contact us if any of these questions have been on your mind and someone from our team will help you take control of your financial future.

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