Tier Three Plus+Portfolio

 Dynamic Plus+ Covered Call Portfolio

The Dynamic Plus+Portfolio strategy generates additional income by the use of Covered Calls.  A covered call strategy offers the opportunity to lower overall volatility and generate streams of income in certain environments. This strategy combines traditional long positions (e.g. holding the S&P 500), with a short positions in call options on those same assets. This extremely hands-on strategy has a management fee of 1.0% of funds invested.

Selling covered calls generates additional income and lowers the break-even cost basis of stock already in the portfolio, thus reducing the downside risk of stock ownership at all price points.

Guardian Plus uses Index ETF’s and writes call options to earn premium income without taking on additional risk. The premium received adds to the investor’s bottom line regardless of outcome. It pays for a small downside ‘cushion’ in the event the stock slides downward, and boosts returns on the upside.

The Portfolio Management Team at Guardian Plus has over 30 years of generating additional income with the use of covered calls.

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