Tier Two Plus+Portfolio

Custom Plus+ Enhanced Income Based Portfolio

The Custom Plus+Portfolio strategy offers more intensive and specialized asset allocation derived from the development of a personal Investment Policy Statement. This income based and more hands-on strategy has a management fee of 0.75% of funds invested.  This portfolio allows for greater control of risk due to extended control over maturity and duration of income dedicated to bonds, and can be customized further based on personal situation. i.e. age, risk, or retirement. 

In today’s environment of raising interest rates, a Market-Natural Strategy may be implemented to increase income and reduce risk due to interest rates.

Market-Neutral – Is a strategy where by equal amounts of investment in both long and short positions result in a 0% exposure to price fluctuation.   The intension of a Market-Neutral stance is to remove any impact that may arise from market movements, thus allowing outcomes to rely solely on our ability to select investments.

Using our analytical capabilities and sector expertise to help temper the risks of income investing, the portfolio is diversified into multiple areas to further minimize the risks that may arise.

Green Initiative

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