Understand Risk & Reward

Maximizing Return While Minimizing Risk

The main goal of allocating assets among various asset classes is to maximize return for your chosen level of risk or stated another way, to minimize risk given a certain expected level of return. Your Plus+Portfolio will directly reflect your individual appetite for risk, in order to maximize returns and minimize risk in accordance with you investment needs.

Risk can be assessed in fairly simple terms, low vs. high, conservative vs. aggressive.

Risk Chart

Where does Guardian Plus’ fit into this model?

We maintain a conservative/balanced approach to investing because the safety and security of your assets is our top priority.  We believe that through our strategic and dynamic management style that we can engineer your portfolio and actively manage your investment toward greater gains with a continuous conservative approach.

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* Information, quotes, and definitions in this article include Morningstar, and Investopedia US, A Division of ValueClick, Inc.