Who We Are

Choosing Guardian Plus…

At Guardian Plus we are passionate about providing low-cost investment opportunities to every investor, thus offering the highest probability to everyone of meeting their goals, both in the long-term and in their immediate financial future.

Our emphasis on active, strategic, and dynamic portfolio management, combined with our low 0.25% management fee on our Tier One portfolio options helps your money reach its full potential more quickly.

Some investment companies utilize portfolio strategies developed by outside financial experts or off-the-shelf software, but at Guardian Plus, we are the experts, and we have developed our portfolio strategies based on more than 35 years of industry experience.


We work with you to choose your personalized Plus+Portfolio, one that will provide you with the highest probability of meeting your financial goals, while reducing your costs and increasing your rate of returns. Take the guess work out of investing and let us at Guardian Plus be the experts.

Let us take your investments to the next level by letting our active management strategies work for you.

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