Q: Why only 0.25%, when other companies charge so much?

Guardian Plus is committed to charging you a fair price. A typical investment manager charges fees of 1% per year or more, plus administrative and other hidden costs. High investment manager fees still dominate the investment market, because investors do not know that other low-cost alternatives like Guardian Plus exist. We feel these other fees are frivolous considering the advancements in technology now available to the investment management industry, and are committed to passing that savings on to you and your portfolio.

Q: What are Guardian Plus’ management fees for the Tier One Portfolios?

The annual investment management fee on Guardian Plus’ Conservative Plus+Portfolio, Balanced Plus+Portfolio and Growth Plus+Portfolio is 0.25% of investment assets managed billed quarterly.

Q: What is the minimum size investment needed to get started?

No, there is no minimum investment required for Tier One portfolios. This gives every investor or every size the chance to grow what they have.

Q: Why do you have 3 different Tiers of Portfolio Strategies?

Because one size does not fit all. We aimed at creating the widest variety of portfolio options possible, so that every investor can find a Plus+Portfolio that fits his or her financial needs and goals. We have created this structure so that no one is limited from accessing low-fee high quality investment management, but if you have more sophisticated needs as an investor, than we can work with you to accommodate those needs as well.

Q: What are the management fees on your other portfolios?

The annual investment management fee on a Guardian Plus Custom Plus+Portfolio is 0.75% of investment assets managed.

The annual investment management fee on a Guardian Plus Dynamic Plus+Portfolio is 1.0% of investment assets managed.

Q: Do I get a private advisor assigned to me?

Guardian Plus has a team of investment and customer service specialists who are available to answer your questions and assist you in any way with your account(s). Our team works closely together to make sure that you receive the highest-quality customer service.

Q: What is the turn-around time to get started?

The process to start managing your investments can vary, depending on your availability to talk with an Investment Specialist to develop the best Plus+Portfolio for you.  For a motivated investor, the process may take as little as 14 business days.

Q: What is a Plus+Portfolio?

Our strategy to provide you with the best investment management starts with a Plus+Portfolio; it is a plan that will provide you with the highest probability of meeting your long-term financial goals. Your Plus+Portfolio is selected by a two-step process. After in-depth conversations about the financial life and investment needs, our team at Guardian Plus then uses this information to help you select which Plus+Portfolio best fits your needs.

Q: What is my level of involvement?

Each portfolio follows an investment strategy that is decided and approved by you in advance and is outlined in your Plus+Portfolio. You are hiring Guardian Plus to monitor and manage your accounts, according to your Plus+Portfolio. As such, you will not be bothered by us seeking permission to perform routine management, allocation, or rebalancing. However, the custodian, Charles Schwab, will send you account update confirmations in accordance with your requested method of receiving such materials, i.e. email or through the mail. If you have questions about your account(s) you can also contact us via phone or e-mail .

Q: Can I access my account(s) online?

Yes. You have daily access to your accounts through the custodian Charles Schwab.

In addition, internet access is available to your Guardian Plus Quarterly Statements through our Client Portal.  The portal on our website is located in the left menu bar.  You will also receive the link to this portal in the email updates we send to you about your account(s). Instruction to access the Client Portal including your user name and passcode will be sent you via email.

Q: When do I receive statements for my account(s)?

Charles Schwab sends statements monthly to all clients for all accounts, which are available in paper or email format. Additionally, Guardian Plus will send you a detailed quarterly report. Also you can enroll in the Guardian Plus Green Initiative Program to receive paperless correspondence and statements.

Q: Does Guardian Plus hold my money?

No. Charles Schwab, a qualified independent custodian, holds all client accounts. Guardian Plus has selected this custodian because of its commitment to client service, low costs, security and a dedication to operational efficiency.

Q: Is Charles Schwab the only custodian available?

Yes. Charles Schwab is the only fund custodian available to our clients.  We have meticulously combed the market over the past 30 years and found Schwab to the best and most affordable option of maintaining our clients assets. The low-cost for trading with Schwab affords us to pass that saving on to you, in the form of low-cost management fees.

Q: Is Guardian Plus part of Charles Schwab?

No. Guardian Plus uses Schwab as our funds custodian and contacts Schwab on our client’s behalf to conduct all account transactions.

Q: Does Guardian Plus have access to my money?

No. Your money is held through the custodian Charles Schwab and Guardian Plus employees only have limited access to your accounts in order to trade, adjust asset allocation, rebalance and withdraw our management fees, which are all conducted in accordance with the Plus+Portfolio agreed upon prior to any funds transacting.

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